” We are innovators, true creatives, and we are believers. But most of all, we are creators of hope. We create dreams for people who think less about themselves.”Patrick Daniel Photography

Patrick Daniel Moya

Owner | Photographer | Editor

I am the Owner of Patrick Daniel Photography, and creator of “A Model In My Shoes”, a program fueled by my clients with specific self-esteem issues.

Although I am adaptive to my clients needs, my flagship genre is BLACK & WHITE FINE ART.

•I am a member of the International Freelance Photographers Organization (IFPO)

•I have been featured on the Model Citizen App and Apple News and was picked for a spread in the Model Citizen Magazine.

Doing what I do is the best because I am TRUSTED by my clients to create and deliver FULLY EDITED digital photographs for portfolios, resumes, family albums, or even a self esteem boost!

I am PATIENT and PROFESSIONAL in every aspect of my relationship with my clients. Every shoot is discussed beforehand to create a magical session that will leave you breathless! Plus it gives us time to break the ice, and discuss FAQ’s or concerns.

As a Photographer with a large imagination, I am very open minded and adaptable when it comes to themed shoots, ideas and requests. I’ll try MOST ANYTHING at least once… (within reason of course.)


Taylor DeProfio

Model | Photography Assistant


I’ve never been a very extroverted person and I’ve never really been much of a performer. I thought I’d try my hand at modeling to try and take a step out of my comfort zone. I am so glad that I did because as a model I have been able to express myself in front of the camera and that has given me enough confidence to be more outspoken and expressive in my day to day life.  Something I really love about modeling is that you are never bored and you are always trying something new. You’re always adjusting and changing things up so you’ll always be working on something different. When you’re in front of the camera you can be anyone you want to be. Sometimes capturing the right mood or emotion can be difficult, but everything improves with practice. Even though there are challenges and difficulties that’s part of what makes modeling so much fun!

Also in our Squad is Tracey and Lauren, Taylor’s mom and sister, who honestly I don’t know what we’d do without! Tracey is at just about every shoot to help with ideas, prop setup, or even to watch my little one when I can’t find a sitter! Lauren is also super helpful with my little one, and when we have a lot to carry, she is always there with open hands.

Patrick Daniel Photography is slowly but surely coming together to create a solid company that will do big things. Alongside photography, we will eventually have a videography team for our clients wanting their memories captured on video.